we have one week left before break.  and oh man.  I am so ready.  this semester has been hard.  I have really been challenged with some really difficult students.  some really angry, hateful and ridiculous students.  it is hard that I can’t fix all of them.  it is hard to stay strong and not give up.

but, I think it is also important for me to do what I can to love my job so I don’t get burnt out.  I love writing fun projects.  it is my favorite thing to do.  I also like trying to come up with good activities.  like shredder time challenge, which we did this week in my advanced classes.  the kids fight it but it is so good for them.  it helps me when I am feeling lazy to come up with new stuff.  so as I was getting my algebra 2 kids ready for their quiz on factoring (only the most important skill they will learn all year) we did Excitebike!  now maybe I am not as creative as I think I am, because most of my ideas relate to things that make me laugh, but may not relate to my students at all.  and I am pretty sure Excitebike is one of those things.  we never had Excitebike growing up, but I think it is just a classic and really describes my childhood in a lot of ways.  and of course my kids knew absolutely nothing about it, maybe I should have showed them a video?  but they had a big set of cards, with three cards making a match (one quadratic expression and two sets of binomials–one that was already printed and one blank one they had to fill in).  and every time they found a match they would bring it to me and I would move their bike.

I know this is probably not exciting for most people, but can I tell you how much joy it brings me to see my students actively learning?  like really trying?  it makes me so happy.  it makes all the hard parts worth it to see some of those students really trying to figure stuff out.  so that is what I will hold on to, when I feel like I can’t do it for one more day.  (or, five more days.  I can make it!)