part 4 of Miss D Style Advice.  parts 1, 2 and 3 herehere and here.

:: getting ready :: this may seem ridiculous, but it seriously makes a huge difference for me–get ready before you get dressed.  if you aren’t happy with your hair you won’t like any outfit you put on.  and, maybe this is just an issue for me, but I HAVE to do my makeup before I do anything to my hair.  (it is funny that I am saying “do my makeup” and “do my hair” because both of these things together takes maybe ten minutes max).  but I will not be happy with my hair if my skin looks bad, and I am a hundred times more likely to be happy with my hair if my face looks good and my skin tone is dealt with.  but your attitude towards an outfit, and your confidence, will both be better if you’re not distracted by greasy hair or a splotchy face.  maybe you have naturally good skin and don’t wear makeup, or maybe you have great hair that looks awesome always.  but if you’re like me and you don’t, don’t set yourself up for failure by stacking the cards against you before you’ve even begun.

:: pretend like you look awesome ::  this is easily the most important thing of all.  if you pretend like you look awesome everyone else will think you are so cool.  even if you are scared that this is something you can’t pull off, if you act like you can, that’s what people will read.  this is my new favorite outfit.  only not at all like the model.  we are not exactly …the same.  I wear it with leggings (leggings are my new favorite, they are awesome and it’s like you’re wearing workout clothes but it’s totally acceptable) and a skinny belt.*  I must have tried this thing on three or four times (good strategy!  if you’re not sure, come back to it after you try some other stuff on) before I got the guts to buy it.  it was a good purchase and it wears really well.  and if I hadn’t thought “this would be better as more of a top-with-leggings than as a way-too-short-dress” then I would have missed out on this great outfit.  and when I tried it on, I also had to think “this will look better with a skinny belt.”  ask one of the salespeople to bring you a belt!  or leggings, or whatever, if you think it would change things.  or if you’re somewhere like target, ask if you can go get it yourself.  (reference to part 2–I bought this in a small and it is still really roomy.  I also tried on this one, which is super similar, and the large was too tight.  but I also bought one other similar one [that was on super clearance so I can’t find it to link to] that fits the same as the one below but is a large.)

also, if you need a boost of confidence, ask one of the salespeople how it looks.  they are usually pretty happy to tell you you look awesome.  a lot of times I will ask them if it looks like something fits.  also?  if you see someone else trying stuff on, and they come out to look in the big mirrors, and they look good, tell them!  we’ve gotta help each other out here.

so that’s it.  this is how I am cool.  this is probably funny because really I am not cool.  I just pretend like I am so people think I am.  you can do it too.

*I actually wore this outfit to thanksgiving dinner and it was a large mistake.  not because of how I looked (I looked awesome) but because I had on a belt.  what in the heck was I thinking.  about halfway through my cheesy grits (grits are still pretty much my favorite food) I regretted the decision to wear a belt with my dress.  it was very foolish.