part 3 of Miss D Style Advice.  parts 1 and 2 here and here.

:: be discriminating :: in what you purchase.  like I said before, saying I can do better….  also?  learn to say “is this worth spending money on?”  especially if you are at target.  don’t get something that’s not awesome.  it’s totally not worth it and you’ll just end up broke and pissed off.  don’t get me wrong; I love cheap clothes.  some of my favorite stuff is from target.  but don’t buy something just because it’s cheap.  a lot of times I will try something on and it will be cute, but I will think about it and decide “I could use the money I would spend on this to buy something I LOVE even more.  This will not be the thing I spend my money on.”   or, “I could spend this money on food.  or paying my car insurance.  or I will put this money in my savings account because I totally don’t need this shirt.”  learn how to buy foundation pieces too, things that you can do a lot with.  I have a few black shirts that I wear ALL the time because I can do so much with them.  like this one!  this worth buying at a nice store like loft.  something super trendy, maybe not so much.  but this will outlast trends and is super practical and easy to dress up or down and accessorize.

I have a few skirts like this too. and my skinny jeans.  speaking of which…

:: skinny jeans :: okay so this is not just about skinny jeans.  I am not saying buy skinny jeans.  but my skinny jeans have changed my life.  I tell you this so that you will know that some things are not to be worn like other things, even similar things.  I had tried on skinny jeans before but I was like “NO.  these are the opposite of flattering.  why would I purchase these?  how do people wear them?  these are ridiculous.  how is this a thing?” because I was wearing them like I would wear my normal jeans.  WRONG.  understand something’s purpose.  think about different ways you can wear something.  when I wear my skinny jeans with boots or with a longer top, all of sudden they ARE flattering and they look awesome.  so think about what else you can do.  does that dress look crappy?  try it with a belt.  is that dress too short?  try it with leggings.  is that top more appropriate for summer?  try it with a cardigan.

here is how I usually wear my skinny jeans–with boots (not always these ridiculous uggs) and top that is looser in the middle or longer):

see how normal they look?  if I was wearing them with shorter shoes, or a more fitted top, I would look totally top heavy and like a bird on toothpick legs.  but I most certainly do not look like that, I look normal.  so know how to wear things so they work.

one more part left!  up next, getting ready for the day, and fake it!