part 2 of Miss D Style Advice.  part 1 here.

:: know your body :: dude, if you don’t know your body, you can’t buy stuff that is flattering, and then you will just get frustrated and two things will happen.  one, you will never wear the clothes you have, and your closet will get too full, and two, you will go shopping and buy way. too. much. stuff.  and both of those things cause you to run out of money which makes your life suck.  my body is so not perfect.  there are things about it I wouldn’t like if I got picky.  but I know how to dress my body and it makes me like it better.  so know what works for you.  find something that fits you awesome, and then identify why.  I have to know things like it can’t be tight in the tummy.  this is bad.  no matter how cute it is everywhere else, if it is tight in the middle I will not really wear it, or if I wear it I will get self-conscious and think about my clothes or my body too much.  and guess what.  there are TOTALLY clothes that will flatter you.  no matter what your body is like, there are good options that are better than a lot of options.  you have to be willing to look for them, and that takes some stamina to work up to.  learn to say this in the dressing room:  “I can do better.”  and don’t ever compare yourself to someone else.  don’t automatically think something was made to fit your body type, or think that everything should look good (or will look terrible) on you.  it was fun last year to shop for bridesmaid dresses with lindsey (hi lindsey!), because we are SO built differently.  and it would be easy for me to think that she will have better luck because she is smaller and skinnier than me.  and yes, there were plenty of dresses that were better for her, but you know what?  there were some that were better for me!  I’m a little curvier and some things were actually more flattering on me than on her.  so don’t get discouraged if things don’t fit you the way they fit someone else (or the way they fit the model or the mannequin).  ps, we totally found a dress that looked good on both of us.  hooray!

:: don’t be afraid of your size :: I don’t know how many times I have thought something was awful or unflattering because I tried on a size that ended up being too small because I was too vain to try a bigger one.  this is dumb.  don’t be too lazy to try it in the next size up just because it’s the next size up.  especially because a lot of places aren’t consistent with their sizes.  I have a top from target that’s a small that fits the same as a different one from target that’s an xl.  and nobody knows.  they don’t look at me and say “Oh wow!  the small fit!”  or  “bummer, you had to get the xl!”    no. this is not a thing that happens.  I do know this attitude is easier said than done, and it makes me happy when I fit into a smaller size, but really, you need to get over it because you’ll look better wearing the right fit, and it’s smarter to ignore the arbitrary numbers and not wear something too big or too small.

up next:  discriminate!  and…skinny jeans–hear me out.