this is probably totally ridiculous, but today is the first in an multi-part series.  I have had this conversation with so many people lately and I feel like there are a lot of us in the same boat.  here is where I am coming from.

I like to dress well.  it is not my main objective in life, but I like to be creative and do what I can to feel good about the way I am presenting myself.  lots of girls I know ask me about it, and you know what?  I’m not any better than you and you too can dress cool.  In my class I give a lot of “Miss D Dating Advice” which is entirely math related (“Hey I know the special way to write all real numbers”  “Oh I love you!”) and very cheeky and obviously not very effective.  so I will not share Miss D Dating Advice with you, I will share Miss D Style Advice with you because that seems to be going better.

today’s topic is….start small!

:: start small::  pick one thing that is going to be your new thing and work on that until you feel good about it.  like….shoes.  shoes is a good place to start.  get an awesome pair of shoes that you don’t think you can pull off and rock them.  make sure they are comfy or you won’t wear them.  since it is almost winter, boots are a good choice right now.  the ones I wear the most look like these but the zipper is in the back.  another good thing to start with is accessories.  but don’t try to do everything at once or you’ll get overwhelmed.  start with like, long necklaces.  or scarves.  or tights.  these are all good options that are cheap.  it’s okay if you don’t know how to accessorize.  if you just pick one thing you won’t get overwhelmed.  you don’t have to get anything super expensive….probably the best place to look is the juniors section at nordstrom (they actually have awesome jewelry that’s pretty cheap) or somewhere like the banana republic outlet.  I feel like target jewelry is sub-par…it’s very hit and miss and usually not even worth the eight bucks you’d pay for a pair of earrings.  a lot of times it’s on trend but it’s like it’s on trend and on crack at the same time.  they don’t have feather earrings, they have feather earrings with eight colors of feathers on them that hang down past your shoulders and have beads or some crap.  don’t do it.   look at this necklace I found on the old navy website!  this is a great piece to start with.  you could totally wear this with a ton of stuff and feel so cool.

this is one of my favorite necklaces (pictures from 30 for 30) and it goes with so many things.  it’s from aldo like two or three years ago.

scarves are a great place to start too.  or big belts with dresses.

up next:  know your body & don’t be afraid of your size.  bye!