1.  one of these guys.  I am so serious.  carrie would testify that this thing has changed both of our lives.  who needs a man when you have Easy Opener!!!  we’ve never used the bottle opener part, just the part that pops the seal on the jar so you can open it.  my friend cassidy told me about it and I am forever indebted to her.

2.  this chapstick.  but just so you know, once you get used to it, you can NEVER GO BACK.  it was in my stocking one year (yes, my parents still both do stockings for us, it’s kind of awesome) from dad and jen and let me tell you.  it is the greatest stuff on earth.  the lemon is pretty great too.  we keep one in the candy dish and it makes our lives better.

3.  sinus rinse (or neti pot).  I will admit this is totally gross.  but it has also totally changed my life.  I am sick so much less often than I used to be, and for shorter periods of time too.  I crank it out once or twice a day when things get bad and it helps so much.  I am still not very skilled at it, but it’s so worth it for how much better it makes me.

4.  viva paper towels.  you guys.  these paper towels are legit.  this is something else, that once you try them, you can never go back.  my roommates in college did an experiment on paper towels for one of their elementary ed science classes and viva was the clear winner.  one time, carrie’s parents gave us a huge package of some other brand of paper towels and it was so awful.  it was a very challenging time in my life in the kitchen.  there were like 8 rolls of them and compared to viva….oh man.  there is no paper towel like a viva paper towel.

5.  face stuff from clinique.  you may or may not know that I have VERY BAD SKIN.  it is very temperamental and gets upset very easily.  I am not one of those lucky people who can just go to bed without washing their face, or who can look normal without makeup.  I really wish I was that girl, but my skin has other plans.  when I was in high school, college, and my first few years of teaching, I tried literally every kind of face soap etc. they had at target.  and they were all total crap.  they did nothing, or made things worse.  it was bad, and I was throwing so much money down the drain buying stuff, using for a week, then throwing it out because it was crap.  I finally went to the mall and went to clinique, and for real, they explained everything to me, and everything they said made sense.  they were very convincing, and I bit the bullet and gave it a shot.  you guys.  seriously.   the stuff from clinique is the only stuff that makes my face feel like skin.  not just face.  it never felt like normal skin before.  now it’s just like the skin on my hands.  I go through bottle after bottle of the exact same stuff, and never even want to try something new.  I feel like it saves me so much money, even though it is more expensive (but really, it’s not that much compared to a lot of stuff now) because I’m not trying a bunch of different stuff and getting tired of it before it’s gone.  and maybe this is a marketing ploy, but it totally works–on more than one occasion, I have gone there looking for something, and I tell them what I want, and they will ask me some questions, and then say “you don’t want this product.”  like it’s more important for me to have good skin than for them to make a sale.  it is very convincing and makes me trust them a lot.  I love clinique, let me tell you.  my skin has grown up a lot over the past 2 or 3 years, and while I think age and hormones have played a big part in that, having good skin care stuff has made such a big difference.  go there, they are awesome.

happy friday peeps.  what is your favorite stuff?  (*specifically shampoo!  for colored hair!  I have yet to find a shampoo I like very much.  give me some advice!)