so, we are doing this jonah study at church.  and you guys, I am having a really hard time focusing.  like a really hard time.  when I do my homework, I feel like I’m not super into it and I have a hard time paying attention.  I feel like my life has been busy lately and I am doing many things badly instead of a few things well.  we are almost done with this study, and even though I feel like I am having a hard time connecting with it now, I do feel like I am learning a lot of good tools for when my life is messy.  Priscilla, the author/speaker lady (who has very different fashion style from Beth Moore, fyi) talks a lot about what interruptions mean.  how the interrupted life is the meaningful life; that when God interrupts us, it’s because he has something important for us to do.  I think this is an important thing for me to remember.  the interrupted life is the significant life.

but, the thing that has stuck out the most for me was something she talked about in the video last week.  so many times when we pray, we tack on “butonlyifit’syourwill” business.  like “I’m not trying to be demanding, so…..your will be done.  Yes, your will be done.”  she talked about how this is maybe not the best plan, but instead, we should pray:

“Lord, do what I’ve asked you, or DO SOMETHING BETTER.”

yes.  yes.  this seems like a good plan.