knocked this one off the list yesterday!

I skipped out of service after sunday school yesterday to head to Lawrence and run the Boo! Run with my bff Sharon.  she is awesome.  I really, really love her and her fam.  her kids are out of control how cute they are.  college friends are fun.

I could act all awesome because I finished in 23rd place…but that is not terribly impressive because there were only 61 runners!  it does make you feel pretty awesome, though, when there is not a lot of competition!  my goal was to pass this lady pushing a double stroller.  really lady!  you have two kids in a stroller!  and I can’t pass you til the very very end?  what’s up with that!  way to shoot my confidence!  this is very similar to how discouraging it was when I ran my half marathon that there was a race walker in front of me and it took me four miles to pass her.  anyhow.  I did catch the lady with the stroller at the very, very end.  take that supermom!  no, really.  it is nice to have goals and motivation 🙂

the run was nice and easy on the levee by the kaw.  it was really pretty and totally flat.  and the weather was pretty much perfect.  and HELLO free larabars!!!!!

I did learn that my suspicions are correct and I do in fact need to re-calibrate my ipod sensor.  I didn’t check my watch or my ipod til I finished, and my ipod said that I ran 3.33 miles.  I mean, this run was not super legit, it was pretty podunk, and their mile marker signs did not seem like they were right, but still, I’m sure they were a lot closer to a 5k than 3.33 miles.  so I had a lot of false confidence in my running lately, since my sensor is off.  I felt like I was running SO FAST the whole time!  so I thought my time would be a lot better than it was, but I accomplished my goal of breaking 30 minutes, so I won’t complain (even though it was only by about 20 seconds).  I do know I was running really fast for me, because my ipod said I was running about a 8:45 pace (almost a minute faster than my actual pace if their distance was accurate), which is completely unheard of (it usually says I’m around a 9:30 or 9:40).  so even though that kind of time would be embarrassing for any of my kids on my team, it’s so much faster than I’ve ever been and it’s nice to accomplish goals.  I think I am going to have a goal for 2012 to run a 5k every month.  we’ll see.  and so far I’m still doing okay with 27. avoid all running injuries!  this one takes a lot of work.

after our run we ate at the pita pit on mass st, one of my favorite places to eat, despite the confusing menu that I find difficult to understand.

also, you should know that it was supposed to be run in costume (hence the 80s outfit), which was not supported by most of the runners!  I would say that maybe a third of the runners were in costume.  I was pretty happy with mine.  I was going to wear my PB hat but I was afraid it wouldn’t stay on, so 80s it was.

but SPEAKING OF MY PB HAT, I am not pleased that I did not win the faculty costume contest.  what a letdown.  Because Apparently My Colleagues Are Not In Touch With Important Matters Like The Royal Wedding.