things I am not into lately:

1.  allergies.

2.  being HOT.  all the time.  there is something seriously wrong with my body.

3.  anya.  I know I am the odd man out here, but I just don’t like her.  she is annoying and I don’t love her designs.  and a really big part of me (teacher) is mad about her lack of sewing skills.  I am annoyed that the judges are not being very consistent this year.  do not get me started on this.  and after the runway?  what the heck!  who the heck is this dumb host and why do I care what she has to say?  I am non-interested in after the runway.  it has everything I don’t like about pr and nothing about what I do love.  lame. [ps, TEAM VICTOR.]

4.  how short the dresses were at homecoming.  UNACCEPTABLE!  and really?  party bus?  how is this a thing?

things I am into lately (acceptable):

1.  the cooler weather.  this should help with the first two in the above category.  it also makes for wonderful running.

2.  sunday school.  I LOVE our new curriculum.  and I love my kids.  they are awesome and they bring me so much joy.  they are such a fun part of the Church.

3.  downton abbey.  HOLY SMOKES.  are you kidding me?  how have I not watched this yet???!?  I am flying through it and in deep.  I don’t know if I have been this emotionally invested in a tv show in a very, very long time.  I have been watching the episodes while doing my pt, and there have been countless times that I have had to stop because my jaw is dropped and I have no focus to invest in my stretches.

4.  my new immersion blender!  I declare 2011 the year of soup.  my first meal was potato, leek & fennel soup.  it wasn’t hearty enough for a meal on its own, but oh. so. good.  seriously, this blender is the s___.  it is changing my life.

5.  my niece effy.  she is awesome and wonderful and I love her so.

6.  seeing how cute (and appropriate and classy) my xc kids were at homecoming.  oh they were adorable.  I love them.  I will miss them when the season ends.  they are just really so great.

things I am into lately (borderline):

1.  lots of new top 40 fluff in my running mix.  lots of good stuff right now.  this, this, and especially this (oh man, that usher.  he kills me.)  sometimes this one too.

2.  I kind of love mandisa.  this should probably be embarrassing.  this one is my favorite, and if I’m being honest I kind of love this one too.  seriously.  I realize this is a little ridiculous.

things I am into lately (not even close to appropriate):

1.  I just think these guys are so hysterical.  I know that it’s about the most ridiculous video on the internet, and so over the line, but I mean seriously.  who does that!  who writes a song like that, and then makes a video like that, and makes it popular?  for real.  hilarious.  and….catchy.  bad news.  I mean, are they serious?  it’s kind of awesome.  and kind of ridiculous.  and kind of something that my students should be into, and I should NOT.  oops.