I love my job.  I really, really do.  and I am so thankful to know that it’s where I’m supposed to be.  but.  sometimes, it is a lot.  this year has been hard.

I’m trying to be more aggressive about paying off my debt, so I’m trying to do what I can to make a little extra scratch.  my xc girls are trying to talk me into coaching track.  something to think about.

one road I haven’t really taken is to work for more professional development points.  lots of people do this, and it’s apparently not very hard to move on the salary schedule this way.  but have I told you?  that organization is not my strong suit?  that it is so hard for me?  and this would require a lot of organization?  so this scares me?

what I am getting at, is that it might be time for me to get my act together and get organized enough to keep a record of some goals with my job.

I always have goals with my job.  all the time, they are constantly in my mind.  it will just be hard to get organized.

but.  I am a little nervous.

because, the thing that I really, REALLY, REALLY REALLY need help with, is so……. hard, and personal.  and not, what I am guessing, the district and professional council have in mind, and want to approve for movement on the salary schedule.

how do I tell them?  how do I put it into words?

“I will love my kids less.”
“I will not take things personally.”
“I will not consider myself a failure when my kids hate me.”
“I will not let things get to me.”
“I will stop crying about things that are out of my control.”
“I will learn how to let the 100 good things outshine the 10 bad things.”
“I will be less emotional.”

so instead, I am leaning towards
“I will create a system for developing and evaluating problem-solving skills in lower-level classes.”