my brain is fried.  I am very exhausted.  these past days have been busy, and hard, and full.  so I don’t have much interesting to share.  just a dumb post about hot dogs.

1.  before I talk about hot dogs, I am seeing a PT for my knee & ankle issues.  he is younger than me.  I know this is normal for a lot of people, but man!  it caught me off guard.  weird.

2.  hot dogs!

3.  I don’t like hot dogs.

4.  except if they are burnt black and have mustard and relish and maybe even a little ketchup (something else I don’t like) I can eat one.  just one.

5.  last night was a fun break from busy to eat smashboogie and play dominate rack-o.  do you know that rack-o is fun?  while we were eating our smashboogie, chad and phyllis and I watched an episode of chopped.  in the dessert, they had to use polenta, raspberry beer, pineapple, and HOT DOGS.  hot. dogs.  what the heck.  even by the end of the episode I was not over it.  I am sorry chopped, but this time, you have gone too far.  hot dogs are not allowed in dessert.  so ridiculous.  I think, that I would not have been able to eat them.  for real, hot dogs?!!?!  this is a problem.

6.  I am about to go on a rant about a commercial.

7.  surprise!  not.

8.  I have two very major problems with this commercial.  watch it and see if you can guess what they are.


10.  did you guess???

11.  one.  the girl is playing on an ipod or something.  the boys are watching something or playing a game on a laptop.  the wife is typing on a laptop.  NONE OF THESE THINGS ARE DISRUPTED IF THE POWER GOES OFF.  if the power goes off, they can keep doing whatever it is they are doing.  do the people who wrote this commercial know kids that age?  do you think they will come to the backyard looking for dad if they have to watch their movie in the dark?  this makes me irate.

12.  two.  it is clearly night, so there are clearly some sort of lights on outside.  where are the lights coming from?  I thought the freakin power was out?  UGH!  who wrote this commercial!  are you stupid??

13.  and I agree, “Hot Dogs:  A Great Way To Connect With Your Family.”     More like: “Hot Dogs:  A Great Way To Make Everyone Mad And Have To Reset All Your Clocks Because You Turned The Power Off.”