so this quilt has been done for awhile.  and can I tell you?  I LOVE IT.  it was SO fun to make and I just love the fabrics.  in less than a month, I will be an official aunt (instead of just a title for friends’ babies) and I am so very excited.  did you know that my brother scott was the cutest kid of all time??  (see: minivan sweater) and my sister-in-law michelle is one of the cutest people I know? (see: green hoodie)  so I’m pretty sure this kid is going to be totes adorbs.  just kidding I don’t talk like that.  maybe.  look how cute we are!

anyhow, I have had my eye on the 30s repro prints at All About Quilts in manhattan (I haven’t really seen them anywhere in kc) for a long time, but haven’t had a good project to use them in.  but then, I was running into a conundrum trying to decide what to do for a quilt for this baby, because my taste is so, very, modern, and michelle’s taste is so, very, not.  so, when I was visiting lindsey last time, and we went to AAQ and walked past the 30s repro section, I knew.  and I borrowed a pattern out of a jelly roll book that lindsey had, and they had jelly rolls all made up of this fabric.  and can I tell you?  HUGE FAN of jelly rolls.  I loved not having to do as much cutting, and I love when I can piece things in bigger sections and then chop them up.  this was SUCH a fun project, especially after the mod mosaic one, let me tell you.  the only thing I don’t love about this project is how it looks as a whole with the blocks (like a pretzel, or like two awareness ribbons).  it was supposed to be double this size, so it would have looked more normal (here is one someone else made) but it became apparent early on that it was going to be WAY too big.  have I told you that I have absolutely zero concept of dimension?  oh well.  learning experience.  now I have stuff all ready to make a second one, so I might mess with the block design some before I finish putting the blocks together.  maybe it can be for the church auction next spring. I could have messed with the scale more to make it look more normal, but since the strips were already cut in the jelly roll I decided to just go with it.  live & learn.

I love these prints.  seriously.  for real.

and I really love the way the quilting worked on this one.  it was SO. MUCH. EASIER. than on the last one!  I was very happy the whole time.  and I love how it looks, it’s pretty perfect if I do say so myself.  much happier.

see what I mean overall?  a baby won’t notice though!  I love babies.

I love this background fabric with the little green dots.  perfect.

and here is the back.  I love it.  nice little pop of color.  the binding works too.

more pictures here!

yesterday I ordered fabric for my next one.  babies babies babies!  I love baby quilts!!!  I have some time until the next one is due (thanksgiving) so it will be nice to have a little break.  I felt so productive this summer!  I always feel like a need just one more week.  a few more weeks would have been nice this summer…I didn’t do a whole lot of sitting around.  (in fact, I spent time in 14 states, read 4 books, made two quilts, ran 90 miles, and cleaned out my closet.  a few more weeks to chill would have been happy.)  but I’m not complaining!  I love my job.  life is good.