so things have been a little busy over here in o-town.  school is in full swing, and so is xc.  I have pictures of the quilt for my niece, but haven’t gotten them off my camera yet.

1.  my classes are pretty good.  my new class is….new.  I have pretty much no clue what I’m doing and have good and bad days.  my advanced kids are good but still a little quiet.  they will warm up.  I have one bad class, but I’m hopeful that things can turn around.  there was almost a fistfight today but I was somehow able to diffuse it.  I have no idea how.  things will get better.

2.  xc is wonderful.  the weather has been ridiculous but the kids are such a joy to be around.  I just adore them so much.  they are working hard and doing awesome with the brutal heat and humidity we’ve had so far.  and time trials were great, I think a lot of kids got a big confidence boost, and we really felt like a team.  everyone has been doing better with my yoga this year.  backs are much flatter and we are getting better at bending from the hips.  they want me to teach a yoga class during school for credit.  ha!  we have a bunch of kids that are older but completely new to the sport and doing awesome.  three of my kids from class last year decided to go out, including one of my girls that was in over her head in my advanced class but did awesome that I was SO proud of.  so it’s great getting to hang out with them some more.  we have a “student coach” that’s helping us, a girl from UNL that’s student teaching in the middle schools and working with us so she can get her coach’s certificate (what the heck is that?  I certainly don’t have one) and she’s pretty great.  and, a freshman girl, who almost quit after the first week, who I ran with several days to help her pace, MADE THE VARSITY TEAM.  what the heck.  I am so proud of her and glad she stayed.  have I told you how much I love cross country???  it’s a lot.  don’t even get me started on our parents and how much I love them too.

3.  the exception to xc being wonderful is me.  I am having a lot of issues with my ankles and knees.  it is really frustrating.  I am not doing very good with 27. avoid all running injuries.

4.  I have two boys in my 6th hour that communicate via walkie talkie.  during class.  they sit two seats away from each other.  this is bad, but also funny.

5.  my stalker was at back to school night.  he is not supposed to be in the building.  but I hid and he did not find me.  SUCCESS!!  I think his stalking career is over.

6.  today I got a really sweet note from a kid I had last year.  it made the almost fistfight seem like no big deal.

7.  it’s crazy what a little love can do for some of these kids.  one kid in my new class told me on the first day that he hates math and he hates school.  he’s kind of a punk that fell asleep like four times on the first day.  now he comes by my room three or four times a day to see how I am doing.  love the people you’re around, they need it.

8.  so far, my homeroom kids have not made me wish there was a bottle of tequila in my desk!  this is a huge improvement.  we are still quite dysfunctional but starting to feel more like a family.

9.  I have several cheerleaders in class that have tried to convince me to come back to coaching cheer.  don’t worry, it’s not even close to working.

10.  even with one bad class, and ankle injury issues, I am so thankful to be where I am.  to do what I do.  I am so thankful that every day, I wake up and think “this is what I was made to do.”  I love my job, I love my kids, and I pretty much love my life.