so, five things I am really into right now.

1.  leggings.  this is kind of ridiculous.  last year I was into tights; the year before was scarves.  tights and scarves I think are both still very much a part of my style, but all of a sudden I am kind of into leggings.  what the heck!  I don’t think this is a good thing.  but seriously!  I bought a bunch of cute (FLATTERING, ahem, #29) dresses and tops this summer that are way too short to wear on their own but are super cute with leggings.  who knew that leggings were flattering???  I did not.  I am a little nervous that I am starting to go off the deep end into the crazy pool.

2.  chopped.  I really love this show and that’s kind of weird to me.  I am so not into cooking shows.  but I LOVE this one.  it moves really fast and has the drama of reality that I love (shame on me) without the 20 extra minutes of “before the break” and “coming up on _______”.  and it’s fun to see all the crazy stuff they put in the baskets, like smoked fish and nacho sauce and fruit loops.  and plenty of stuff I’ve never heard of.  I love having it on the dvr and I can flip it on while I’m sewing or stretching or something.

3.  my new(ish) stereo in my car.  my car is not new (10 years old this summer! way to go vengabus), but I do love it and it has a good many miles left on it.  it’s a honda and runs like a champ.  and the only issues I’ve had with it have been pretty minor–the clock stopped working like 3 years ago (and to get it fixed they’d have to take apart the dash so it would be like $600 or some crazy business) and the cd player didn’t work too well when it got really cold.  so a few months ago I decided to replace my stereo so I could have a working clock, a cd player that worked consistently, and a connector for my ipod.  and let me tell you, I LOVE IT.  especially having an actual USB connector, not just an auxiliary hookup.  with the USB I can run the ipod though the controls on the stereo, which is safer (and nicer) AND it charges it.  score!!  I love it.  it was well worth it, and a pretty cheap adjustment that I can enjoy for years.

4.  banana boat after sun lotion.  oh boy I love this stuff.  I think that all the other girls in my small group do too.  it’s so great.  while I haven’t been at the pool as much this summer (RIDICULOUS HEAT, too much sewing to do) I am so not about getting burned.  or even tan really… I’m not down with no skin cancer…  I try to do pretty well with the sunscreen, but sometimes I miss spots or I accidentally wait too long before I put more on.  and I would actually say that it’s more of an issue remembering to put on sunblock before I run.  it’s easy to think about if I’m going to the pool, but I forget a lot if I’m running (especially if I’m not running far).  and I love that this stuff will help keep me from burning if I keep up with it, and if I do get burnt or a little red, it makes it heal a lot faster and keeps it from peeling.  plus it smells great.  it’s actually a good one to use year-round, so you have to stock up before summer’s over and they stop selling it.

5.  bibs!  hey look!!  I made some bibs!  (and burp cloths).  they were so easy and fun to make and gosh they are cute.  I am even more excited about my newest quilting project* for this baby, (BABY BABY BABY!!  I am so excited to be an aunt!!) but the first shower was too soon to get the quilt done.  so bibs it was.  I used this pattern, and I think I will probably use it again and again and again.  although honestly after making four of them I feel pretty confident I could do my own thing for a bib, but whatev.  I mean seriously…how cute are these??  and it was nice to have the freedom to not be perfect, because they’re just gonna get barfed on or something.  I actually made four sets (1 bib and 2 burp cloths each) but these two are the cutest (the one at the bottom being my favorite).  oh, and the burp cloths were made using these instructions.  normally I would stay the heck away from a knit like jersey but this was pretty forgiving and a good place to work with it a little.  I even went a little crazy with the decorative stitches on my machine.   this was also a fun way to use a bunch of cute fabric in my stash that didn’t all have to match. 


what are you digging right now?  are there things I need to know about that I should be digging too??


*okay, I promise the next post will be my recent big finished quilt.  I delivered it last night, so now all I have to do is upload the pictures.  it is coming!!!  I promise.