oh man.

do you know how much I love my small group?  it is a lot.  God & the Family Band is pretty much my favorite thing ever.  and our lake vacation that we take every year is THE BEST.  this year the dynamics were a little different, since we had twice as many people (AND A BABY), but still….oh man.  seriously.  most of our time is spent talking about how much we love the lake.  patty and mike are so generous to share their place with us, and we are so thankful.  I will admit that I think I am not as social as I used to be, and I was a little stressed out having bigger numbers, but I will also say that it was so great and special to have all of us there, and I think we were pretty understanding of one another and we did good with all of us. I am kind of shocked we found a weekend that everyone could go.   how in the world were we able to swing that??  and I am so thankful that we got a picture (actually, several pictures) of all of us.  as much as I love my actual family, these people really are family to me.  and is june not the cutest thing you’ve ever seen?  she took her first steps while we were down there!  and I taught her how to high five.  way to go junebug!!  I am non-excited about summer ending soon, so it was so great to have some time to relax and spend time with my favorite people before I have to put the nose to the grindstone next week.  we had a little fun taking our picture, too.  I think this is the first time we actually have a picture of all of us.  what a treasure for us.  so thankful.

ps–I might have finished a VERY. BIG. project while we were at the lake.  stay tuned for pictures.