warning:  this post is completely ridiculous.  but yes we are almost 30 and no we are not ashamed to love new kids on the block.

so, I remember when I was 8, and my next door neighbor meredith got to go to the new kids on the block concert.  her dad took her and I was SO jealous.  I remember sitting in my garage the next day, and she was telling me all about it, and she was all “Kim listen.  Donnie.  Took.  His shirt. OFF!”  and I freaked out.  oh man.  I had a new kids baseball cap, and a t-shirt (maybe more than one?) and a poster and of course a cassette tape.  but meredith had like a lunch box and a sleeping bag and other stuff I’m sure I coveted.  she also had a vhs of a concert that we watched ALL the time.  probably while drinking dr. pepper.  it was so awesome. 

so…whose idea was it to put the new kids on the block together with the backstreet boys?  because I am voting for them for president.  best idea ever.  bank.  so chad got me two tickets for my birthday, and it was seriously the best present ever.  jessica came with me, my very best friend all the way from 3rd grade in mrs. esposito’s class when she was the new kid.  I cannot imagine a more perfect time for us than getting to relive our NKOTB fantasies.  and I am so glad that we were both SO into it.  can I tell you, BEST SHOW I HAVE EVER SEEN.  I almost don’t want to ever go to another concert because it just won’t be anywhere as good as this was.  back in may I told some of my kids before school that my friend had gotten me tickets and I was so excited, and one of them said “I saw them last year and it was like a bunch of 30 year olds screaming.”  I pointed my thumbs at my chest and said “THAT’S GONNA BE ME.”  and oh boy, it was.

donnie took his shirt off (!!) and jordan?  oh man.  jordan asked if he could have my number, and told me he’d be my boyfriend.  YES, and YES.  can I tell you?  that these guys have only gotten WAY BETTER with age.  like way better.  I think it was even better to see them now, that I’m older, and can appreciate how freakin sexy they are.  yes.  this was completely out of control.  I don’t think I have ever screamed so much in my life.  I was definitely the most excited for the new kids, but the backstreet boys?  DANG!  they were kind of amazing as well.  seriously.  I think that we were the perfect demographic for this concert, because we had so much love for the new kids, but we weren’t too old to love the backstreet boys when they were big.  I would say that there were more BSB fans, but there were so many other die-hard NKOTB fans as well.  we had some great folks in front of us.  they had posters, and the guy right in front of me not only had a microphone to sing along, and TWO dolls (he had danny and jon–I cannot believe I didn’t think to bring my donnie doll [thanks shalinn!!!!] because we could have bonded over that) but he also had a shirt that said “mom says the new kids made me gay.”  awesome.  it really was awesome that pretty much everyone there, young or old, was so excited and screaming and dancing.  it was nice camaraderie, you know?  like a k-state football game, only with leather jackets and white suits and a moving stage and falsetto.

this is us before the concert, after dinner @ gordon bierscht, and after scoring an insane parking garage spot for only two bucks.  cha ching!!

oh man!!!  obviously we were at sprint center so I don’t have any great pictures, but I didn’t want to take too much time away from jumping up and down screaming to take pictures anyway.

I just love them.  seriously.  marry me jordan knight.

and, here we are after the concert.  trying to calm down (ha!  not gonna happen).  jessica says “chad is my hero!”

I totally realize their music is kind of ridiculous, but as we’ve established before, that pretty much defines my taste.  and it just takes me back to 1989 and I’m in love all over again.  and do you know what I love the most about this tour?  is that they weren’t ashamed of any of it–they embraced the ridiculousness, and totally kept it old school and sang all their old songs and did all their old dancing.  so much of it reminded me of the concert on tape meredith and I would watch.  and I think that this classic video does a pretty good job summing up the feel of the concert.  are you jealous??? because you totally should be.  I mean seriously, I can’t think of any other situation as an almost-30-year-old where you’re allowed to scream and jump up and down because you’re swooning over Jordan Knight and Joey McIntyre.   I will say that I found it to be a really cruel joke that matthew morrison was the opening act.  really??  LAME.  I was not impressed.  why!  why did they have to take the best night of my life and put glee in it??  he was really smarmy.  he switched back and forth between doing bad karaoke and pretty awful original songs like this one about making love on the rooftop with a thousand people watching in the rain.  um…awkward?  he was really pretty gross.  his dancing was pretty awful.  imagine that video like times twenty.  he was kind of acting like he was in show choir or something.  stick to your crappy tv show dude.  I realize I am probably in no place to be so critical given how much I just gushed about new kids on the block and backstreet boys, but whatev.   it was worth sitting through mr. shue and his nastiness to get to jordan knight and donnie wahlberg.  seriously.  best night of my life.  xo.