do you love patty griffin???  you should.  she is great.  I love her.  and this is one of my favorites of hers.  it was good to listen to tonight as the rain came down (mixed in with wiz khalifa and lupe fiasco and t-pain, go ahead, judge me).  I was really on the ball with my current big project.  I have had a hard time gathering steam for this quilt (har har, quilter’s humor) but today I really pressed on (okay, I’ll stop) and made a lot of progress.  I think it is going to be pretty spectacular once it’s finished, but BOY oh boy has it involved a crap ton of pressing and trimming and not being able to chain piece and bits and bits all over.  in other news, it is FREAKING HOT in kansas.  I actually did okay at conditioning tonight, and even kept up with a few of the kids (they were taking it pretty easy, don’t get too excited).  but seriously?  heat index of 115 is pretty ridiculous.  for the birds I tell ya.  as I look for a marathon to try colorado is looking pretty good….