so, I am kind of a big yogurt fan.  I love it.  and it is an important part of my diet.  it makes my body feel so much better.  during the school year, I eat it at least every day, many days at breakfast and at lunch.  after school got out I kind of forgot to eat it for awhile, and after a few weeks I was like “why do I feel like crap?!?” and I realized I wasn’t eating yogurt.  so I got back on that and my life was so much better.  as with other things I am kind of snobby about yogurt.  lately I’ve been enjoying greek yogurt, but I really need to do kinds that stir up to be really smooth.  I have a hard time when they’re all watery or lumpy.  so in general, I always choose yoplait.  oh it’s good.  BUT.  I have serious, serious complaints about their commercials.  they are SO offensive.  they make me so mad.  whose idea were these?  they should be fired.  I mean seriously.

1.  worst customer EVER.  I have so many problems with this chick.  I feel like if I was the lady at this store I would be like “I don’t need your business and you can just go somewhere where they think your ridiculous derisory remarks are clever, get the hell out of my store.”

2.  worst wife EVER.  this commercial makes me want to be a better wife someday.  I have to hold myself back sometimes with this one because I want to yell “you are a crazy bitch!” and that’s not exactly appropriate.  I mean seriously.  what a terrible wife.  this poor guy, he is in a bad marriage.  the worst part is when she judges him and is all like “what are you doing, you idiot?”  UGH!  He deserves better.

anyhow.  that’s all for today.  I’d better stick to eating yogurt instead of watching tv.