so…my dad is kind of crazy.  but also kind of awesome.  less than an hour after getting home from my road trip with Ann (and the shark-attacked tire incident), my brother picked me up, and after staying the night at their place, we left at 4:15 am for the airport to head to idaho (well, via spokane, washington actually).  side note:  do you have insurance on your phone?  my other brother did not, and after dropping his phone in a storm sewer at the airport, we learned that a new phone is really spendy.  he got the cheapest one they had and it was like $300.  too bad he had just renewed his contract and couldn’t get a discount with that.  I might think about adding insurance to my plan.  we had a few days to relax and explore (more on that later) before my dad competed in his third ironman triathlon in couer d’alene.  this was my second time getting to watch, after seeing him almost two years ago competing in madison.  you pretty much have to be crazy to compete in an ironman.  first you swim for 2.4 miles, then you bike 112 miles, and then you run a marathon.  just a little cray cray.  idaho was really beautiful, and the weather was so perfect.  it was like 70 most of the time we were there, so I was in for a rude awakening running with the xc team yesterday in the sweltering heat.  I was so not ready for that.  here is our day in pictures and commentary.

pre-race.  pre-wetsuit.  hey guess what!  it was 39 degrees!!!  what the heck!  swimming sounds great right now.

our little fam.  it was fun to travel together with these people.  have I told you how much I love my brothers?  we didn’t get to spend a ton of time with dad & jennifer (dad had to get in the zone), but dinners and such were nice.  I love thsi picture of us.  (NOTE:  see the poster michelle is holding?  it is awesome.  you can see it here if you’re my friend on fb.)

david helping with the wetsuit.  my favorite part of the wetsuit is the built-in six pack.  yes!

my dad and his training buddies.

this is what they do.  totally standard.

this is the thing that gets me.  this is just a small portion of the bikes.  how do this many people exist that can do this?  it’s crazy.  I’m pretty sure every one of those bikes is worth more than my car.  keep them on lockdown people.

the start of the swim.  let me remind you:  THIRTY NINE DEGREES.  this was also shortly after we witnessed the police reprimanding some dude standing near us for punching some other dude.  really?

on the bike.  notice the neoprene toe covers to help warm up from the swim.

and on the run.  I should point out that at this point we had stood around a bunch, eaten lunch, gone back to the hotel and napped, and michelle and I were like “DANG!  my feet hurt!  I’m tired!”  while dad has been EXERCISING for like 9 hours at this point.  at least michelle has an excuse.

these are the cupcakes jennifer bought for victory snacks later.  preggers is pretty excited.  (um, me too).

and, after the finish.  and guess what.  my dad cut NINETY minutes off his PR.  90 minutes.  that is unreal.

look at his new hardware!  seriously, I am so proud of my dad.  it takes a lot of time and discipline to be able to pull a stunt like this.  way to go dad!

and, one more shot of the support crew, or Todd Squad.  not pictured:  the vuvuzela.  yes, scott brought a vuvuzela.  it was beyond awesome.