I really liked this book.  especially once it really got going.  it kept my interest just fine at the beginning, but I didn’t really get into the story until about halfway through when it got really, really good.  what I liked best about this book was that it was fast.  I love it when books are fast, because it’s a nice change of pace.  I think I’m kind of snobby in what books I read, I like to read a lot of “literature”* and it doesn’t always go very fast.  so fast ones are usually a nice breath of fresh air.  once this one got going, I could not put it down.  part of me is almost surprised that I liked it, because the protagonist is….not always….likeable?  that’s not the right word.  he is likeable, and you really do feel for him, but you don’t always want to back him up.  if that makes sense.  and my thoughts on anything (books, movies, tv) usually revolve around whether or not there are characters I am behind.  but I guess this is an exception.  and the ending is really, really good.  it was such a satisfying finish.  I would highly recommend it–especially since it is so fast (I think I started it on monday).  I was turned on to it by my students, actually (lots of them recommended it to me), which makes me so much happier that I liked it so much.   it surprises me that so many of them like it–there was a lot of culture/history type stuff in it.  I wonder why they connect with it so much?  I found all the connections to afghanistan interesting since I honestly don’t know too much about it other than what I see on the news.  one of my kids from last year is helping out with our kids’ cross country camp this week, and he was so excited to see me reading it.  that makes me very happy.

I’m really on a reading kick right now, and I went into borders tonight and spent WAY too much money on books.  it was bad.  like I’m going to read all of these on our trip…. maybe I was just feeling grabby because the borders by my house is the only one left around!  save the books!  I think kindles etc. are cool, but like I said, I am kind of snobby about books, and I love having books, having them on my shelf, having them to look at.  I just really like bookshelves.  that is totally snobby. (carrie just said “there’s something to be said about an activity that doesn’t require electronics.  I mean, what’s the difference between a book and a video game?”  good point carrie.)

here is my stack of purchases.  I think that I really like steinbeck.  I can’t describe why though.  east of eden….I really loved it.  and I’m going to give my antonia another shot.  I read it in college, in a summer class at juco that almost made me hate reading.  I really disliked my professor.  she was a big stupid jerk.  she did not treat me very nicely and I am still bitter.  all of my classmates agreed!  anyhow.  moving on.  I pretty much hated every book we had to read in there, so I have never been fond of willa cather, william faulkner, or ernest hemingway.  ask carrie, this comes up on jeopardy all the time.  I will get a question right about “the sun also rises” or some crap and I will say “I wish I got that question wrong and never had to read that stupid book!!!!”  but I’m thinking that may have been my ridiculous emotions towards my professor, so I’m going to give this one another chance and see if I do better this time.

*as I was browsing through the literature section, I saw a book by nicole richie.  seriously? I mean, I haven’t read it, but literature??   wtf borders.  I would be insulted if I were like charles dickens or something.