so, I have been diligently working on my list!  I have a few new things to add.

2.  get a tattoo.

knocked this one out last weekend.  it’s not very big, or very major, but it is meaningful to me and I’ve been thinking about it for some time.  I really don’t want to make a big deal out of it, because it’s not for looks, or to be cool, it is to remind me.  basically, God has done a lot for me, and sometimes I forget.  there are a lot of things he has brought me through, and sometimes I forget, and get angry, or get frustrated.  I don’t have any scars to remind me (trish gave a really, really fantastic sermon on scars last month….and I often remember how we left the big scorch mark on the wall in the lodge, after the fire on the island, and how it reminded me always of how faithful God was and how he rescued us) and I just need to be reminded sometimes who I am in him, and that that is what’s important.  isaiah 62 is so very dear to me, and I need to remember those words. you shall be called sought out; a city not forsaken.  so that is where this comes from.  normally it will be covered by my watch, like when I’m teaching and stuff, but it will be there for me to see when I’m on my own.  I have a really really hard time memorizing scripture, and this really helps me remember where to go.  maybe that seems dumb….but it works for me.  to remember, that he delights in me, it is a good thing to remember.

6.  clean my classroom

I did this for real.  if you have ever seen my classroom, you know that organization is not my strong suit.  it is, in fact, I would say, as a teacher, my weakest suit.  which is kind of funny, because I take time after each unit to make my kids organize all their stuff, and that’s one thing lots of them mention in their reflections every year, that “I liked how this class helped me to be organized.”  I would just SO MUCH rather spend my time planning fun stuff to do with my kids than getting it organized.  but I took an entire day after we finished last week, and it seriously took me 8 straight hours.  it was ridiculous.  but now, it is all organized and ready for next year.  I think I could really have a chance at keeping it that way, but 1.  I am getting a new class, so….I will have a new class’ worth of papers, and 2.  the year starts with cross country.  I love xc, it really is my favorite part of my job, but it means that I start the year off having no time after school.  not that I would necessarily spend that time organizing, but still.  one thing that might help is that friday block is moving to wednesday, so I will have to be ready for block right away (instead of having 2nd hour to get ready on thursday), so maybe I can use that time to organize.  we’ll see.  this picture makes me laugh, because it is such a small area of my classroom (my room is REALLY BIG, it’s pretty great), but it is usually one of the messiest areas.  do you see the little wire basket next to that yellow box?  BEST IDEA EVER.  I started last year keeping a basket of golf pencils in my room.  it is so awesome.  my kids will try to get out of doing work by saying “I’m sorry, I can’t do this, I don’t have a writing utensil.”  TOO BAD SUCKA!  I have this lovely basket of pencils right here!  “but…those are like stubby, and don’t have an eraser and I can’t sharpen them.”  I need J. Walter Weatherman to come in and say “And that’s why you always bring a pencil to class.”

15.  skype with shalinn.

hopefully this won’t be the only time, but it was so fun to talk with shalinn.  I miss her.  and lindsey even got in on it.  hooray!!  we learned some interesting stuff about thailand.  the thing I found most interesting is that you can’t call it “peanut butter and jelly,” because to them, jelly = jello.  and pb & jello would be gross.  so you have to say “peanut butter and jam” or “peanut butter and preserves.”  I think I should start using peanut butter and preserves (pb&p) exclusively.  and, I am jealous that becca is going to hopefully get to go visit shal soon.

23.  make my bed every day for a month

DUDE.  I am KILLING this one.  KILLING it.  my bed is made.

also, I am doing good so far with 26. clean up my inbox once a month, 27. avoid all running injuries (although….I haven’t been running much, so, not that much of an accomplishment), and 29. only buy clothes that are flattering.

also, ann made a list too!  who wants a guest post????