so, this weekend kicked off my last year in my 20s.  even though my birthday isn’t until next week, we started early with our annual tradition of going to the hibachi.  I love this place.  and I LOVE THESE PEOPLE.  seriously.  I don’t think it gets much better than this group right here.  you cannot imagine how much joy it brings me that ann & nathan were a part of it too.  and my brothers?  sister in law?  mom?  grandma?   YES.  so, so, very good.  I came out of this deal with a new photo album of old pictures, a ruffler foot, an atlas (YES!) and a date with david to go to the farmer’s market.  life is good friends.

best photo of 2011.

this year marks the 13th year in a row I have gone to the hibachi for my birthday dinner.  they take your picture and sing to you in japanese.  it doesn’t get more awesome.