I really miss this girl.  so excited to see her and her mountain man in a week.

so, in anticipation of our upcoming trip, I will try and pick my 5 favorite places I have been with Ann.

1.  the western caribbean

this also included bobby.  and it was way way back in 01.  this was the best vacation of all time.  nothing has even come close.  so this is more than one place, but whatev.  the cruise was the bomb.  and we even had a theme, “Stowaway Bear Scare,” complete with a sign on our door.  bobby was a big fan of that.  not.  seriously.  highlights from this trip included eating, more eating, snorkeling, cave tubing through an underground river system in belize, more eating, getting sunburnt, sitting on the beach, eating some more, and dressing up.  I have tons of pictures but none electronic.  lame.  I love those two.  best trip ever. (grand cayman, honduras, belize, cozumel).  there is talk of this maybe happening again.  (only with two more in tow).  oh I hope!

2.  banff

this was a fun trip in 05 when we went with my dad & stepmom to canadia.  ann, jennifer & I played a great joke on my dad when we convinced him that her luggage had been confiscated at the airport because she had tried to bring her “knife collection.”  funniest joke ever.  banff was so beautiful.  we also embarrassed my dad when we took a day to drive all the way to calgary just to go to ikea.  WORTH IT.

3.  kodiak

probably not as exciting to her since it’s where she lives now, but it’s pretty crazy to go to ALASKA.  I feel like the coolest person ever to say that I’ve been there TWICE, once in the winter, to boot.  and really, kodiak is really just great because Ann is there.  attention kodiak:  I am SEVERELY disappointed that I have yet to see a bear on any of my visits.  this is a major letdown.  nathan, maybe you can get on that for me on my next visit.  my favorite thing to do in kodiak is kayak in the ocean.  or get chai at monk’s rock (have you done that yet ann?  listen to me and lindsey, it is legit).  NO!  I lied.  my favorite thing to do in kodiak is hang out with ann.

4.  manhattan

not exotic or far away, but we spent so many years there (and still go often to visit L & B) it needs to be included.  some of my best memories with ann are in manhattan.  and I forgot about that ridiculous present we bought for bobby until I saw this ridiculous picture.  it made me laugh.  it is pretty much a perfect example of our life there.  sorry bob.  I will say that the best times of my life have been hanging out with the four of us, and now the five of us with nathan in the picture.  those are my favorite times, and I hope we get to have a little more of them next weekend.

5.  nashville

or ithaca, or cedar point, or pittsburgh, or other places we went on our last big road trip together.   maybe not niagara falls.  that was dumpy.  I mean, the falls were really pretty, but the town was SO. DUMPY.  and we saw this really great movie……..just kidding.  we saw the worst movie ever.  here is a trailer for it, but I am not kidding when I say it was the worst movie I have ever seen.  that trailer does not do it justice.  I would try and describe it for you, but it would be too painful a memory.  but nashville, I liked nashville.  and we will see it for a tiny bit more on this trip.  in nashville we went to the flutag (hilarious), the opryland hotel (SO. WEIRD.) and went line dancing and ate pancakes.  pittsburgh was a highlight as well, what with the eating of zucchini parmesean, and going to fallingwater and whatnot.  and at cedar point, I have never screamed in my life like I screamed on this ride.  holy smokes.  I don’t know if we’re going to ride any roller coasters on this trip.  that would be a little sad.

I wish more of these places were more…exotic… for my love of traveling sometimes I feel like I’m not very well traveled.  but….#16 on my list!!!  that’s coming!  as soon as #14 happens!  (which…I worked out a plan for grad school debt…and it won’t be before I’m 30.  sniff.  februrary 2013!!  that’s when I’m looking forward to!)  so just you wait until 2013, big things people, big things.