28.  set up automatic savings


it’s not much, just a little, but it’s every week, so hopefully it will add up pretty quickly and I can have it on standby.  and actually, it’s already paying off, because I think I need new front brakes on my car before ann & I leave on our trip in a few weeks, and I was kind of panicky about it being an unexpected expense, but then I remembered, I have that money in my savings account!  hooray!  I guess being a responsible adult is a good plan.  I guess I would recommend it.

(and, related, as I’ve been working on my budget lately I’m realizing that #14 pay off my grad school debt it not going to happen before I’m 30.  LAME.  unless I want to go into more debt in other places, which is a bad plan, so……..February 2013 it is.  oh man.  in a way it seems so close after having so far to go, but it mostly just seems so far off.  but it gives me a goal date, and oh man, the things I’ll be able to once I’m there!!)

PS.  today was our last day of school.  hooray!  pray for me that I will have focus to 6. clean my classroom…..LAME!  I do, however, want to remember how much I love these kids.  I have two girls specifically that I am so ridiculously proud of, who were in my advanced class, and in WAY over their heads, and they did it.  they did it.  and I love that they are just as proud of it as I am.  I also had a girl that graduated on sunday, that last year, I thought that would never happen.  I pulled her out of line as they walked out of the gym, and we remembered the conversation we had over a year ago, where I told her I would be the one jumping up and down as she crossed the stage.  oh man.  also, a sweet boy I have in my advanced class, who is a total slacker, and does not live up to his potential, but we had this conversation to end the year:

miss d:  T!  You cannot talk during a final!
t:  I will fight you.

I love my job.  I really, really do.