although I know this is only one out of the ten, this one book I finished feels really good, because now I am officially done reading all the Jane Austen books.  (with the exception of Lady Susan, which doesn’t really count).  and let me tell you, I am a fan of this book.  with the exception of like the BSC or LHOTP or CON (did you catch all those?) when I was younger, I don’t think I’ve really read this many books from one author before, let alone practically an entire repertoire.  granted, there are only six, but still, it’s like….literature.  not like, the hunger games (which were a happy easy read that went wonderfully fast).  oh wait, I also read a TON of john grisham books when I was in middle school.  who does that?  apparently me.  I’m getting off topic.

I loved this book.  It was so good.  and it is fun to see how her six novels are so different from each other, and how they are the same.  this one was definitely the most different, I think, from all the others, and I think lots of people would agree with me.  and, comparatively, it was fairly fast, and, in my opinion, easier to read than some of her others.  I think it is safe to say that she is my favorite author, but I don’t just fly through her books.  I think that, in general, for me, they are pretty difficult reads.  the language is so much harder, and I have so many more “wait, I just read that whole page without actually reading it, now I have to go back and reread it” moments with her.  but I think they are worth it, for the stories; for the characters; for the attachment.  I really enjoyed Catherine Morland.  I couldn’t always identify with her, but there were times when she was so. hilarious.  there were many times when I laughed out loud reading this book.  it reminded me of the first time I read Persuasion.  now all that remains is to watch the movie.  oh, the movies.

I don’t know if this is a good thing, or a thing I should admit, but, I think the movies really, really add to my enjoyment of all things Jane Austen.  well, either that, or they get me really fired up and angry.  and as non-academic as this may sound, I think that the movies really help me with getting the overall story down better.  one thing I find happening often with her books, is that I will read three chapters, and then the next day, I cannot for the life of me remember what happened in them, and have to go skim through them again.  sometimes I work too hard at getting the language down that the story takes the back-burner, which is not ideal.  and I think that the movies help me to get a better picture, and that I can deal with the language better when there are faces to go with it.  related:  more than once I have had to keep a notepad with a character list, or had to google it or go to sparknotes to get a character list, because sometimes her characters have similar names or I get them confused with each other.  maybe I shouldn’t admit this.  whatev.  I think some lists are in order.

my ranking of her books:
1.  TIE!  pride and prejudice & persuasion.  I think I like the story of persuasion better, but I think that p&p is a book I could pick up, and start reading anywhere and get totally caught up in the story.
3.  mansfield park.  but only because of the second half.  the first half is so boring, but the second half.  oh man.  it is SO. GOOD. and completely makes up for the boring first half about the stupid “Lover’s Quarrels.”
4.  northanger abbey.   could almost be in a tie with mansfield park, but I love edward so much more than henry, and I feel for fanny much more than I feel for catherine.
5.  emaa.  a fun read, and a likeable story, but I didn’t care much for the characters.  they were not super likeable.  especially emma, she is so dumb.
6.  sense & sensibility.  oh man, this one was rough to get through.  it was SO LONG, and it just never got very good.  the only thing I remember about reading this book that evoked any emotion for me, is when lucy steele’s true character was revealed, and I gasped out loud “THAT TRAMP!!”  I was sitting on the beach in texas with the geoscience kids, it was kind of embarrassing.

my preference of the girls:
1.  anne elliot.  no question.
2.  fanny price.
3.  elizabeth bennett.
4.  catherine morland.
5.  elinor dashwood.
6.  marianne dashwood,
7.  emma woodhouse.

my preference of the men:
1.  captain wentworth.  no question.  I would choose him over anyone else.
2.  mr. darcy. (tied probably with bingley)
3.  edmund.
4.  henry tilney.
5. mr. john knightley.
6.  edward ferrars.
7.  mr. collins.  haha!!  he is so gross.  so, so, gross.  but not as gross as….
8.  henry crawford.  ICK!!!

and, perhaps my most opinionated ranking, the movies: (northanger abbey not included yet)
1.  persuasion (sally hawkins) HANDS DOWN.  I have been known to watch it twice in a row.  this might also be my favorite movie of all time.
2.  pride & prejudice (bbc 1995) so good, because you get to see the whole story, but my problem with this one is that jane looks like cooper nielsen, and it is very distracting.
3.  pride & prejudice (kiera knightley) this one is excellent for having a lot of the story cut out, and jane is much prettier, as she is supposed to be.  and the movie is very beautiful as well.  music too.
4.  mansfield park (billie piper) I just love Edmund.
5.  sense & sensibility (bbc 2008) I cannot tell you how good this is.  it is surprisingly so much better than the book.  the characters are actually likeable, and it is very beautiful.
6.  emma (bbc 2009) not bad for having characters I don’t like that much.
7.  sense & sensibility (hollywood 1995) also not bad for a book I hated so much.
8.  persuasion (amanda root) = SNOOZEFEST.  sorry em.
9.  emma (kate beckinsale) this was pretty awful.  don’t ever watch it.  but, not nearly as bad as…..
10.  mansfield park (hollywood 2000) probably one of the worst movies I have ever seen in my life.  it was so offensive.  I wrote a really terrible review for it on amazon.  oh man it gets me angry just thinking about it.

also, I should mention, that this movie was so, so, so, very bad.  so very bad.

I’ll let you know where northanger abbey falls after I watch it!