so, bonus time fun page, you are my favorite.  you make grading so much better.  you help me keep my sanity.
only one of my classes has taken this test yet, but man, they make me laugh so hard.

one of the questions is:

“Correctly fill in this saying:”
“___________  _____________  bring ____________  ______________.”

maybe you can guess what I was going for?
but here are some of the answers I’ve gotten so far.  my favorite is when they ignore the blanks and put two words in one spot.  is that not obvious?

go and bring me my honey.”

good attitude bring constant happyness.”

make money bring the stuff.”

you better bring it on.”

all to bring good fortune.”

Cat daddy bring the dougie-fresh.”

UPDATE:  here are additions from the other hour:

I will bring sexy back.”

Yo dawg, bring it in.”

Did you bring the gnome?”

I will bring the pancakes.”

I will bring the cheese.”