and now, for a view into my classroom.  I love my job.

five common scenarios/conversations in miss d’s room:

(miss d is helping a student on one side of noisy classroom.)
(student across classroom uses dirty language under his breath)
miss d:  (immediately looks up and shoots nasy look at student) HEY!!!
dirty student:  HOW DO YOU HEAR EVERYTHING!!!  I can’t get away with anything in here!
miss d:  I hear everything.  Have you not figured this out yet?
other student:  Yeah, how how have you not figured that out yet!  She always knows.

matt:  Miss D, why are you wearing a scarf?
miss d:  Matt, why are you not wearing a scarf.

(miss d tells a seven minute story about toe surgery that ends in a terrible joke about trigonometry)
(all students :: blank stare)
miss d: You guys don’t think I’m funny?

(advanced algebra 2/trigonometry class)
nick:  Miss D, is log of 12 over log of 4 the same as log of 3?  And DON’T say “I don’t know, what do you think?”
miss d:  I don’t know, what do you think?
nick:  COME ON!!!

(office aide walks in with a pass for a student)
office aide:  (looks around)  Do you guys like not have a teacher?