alternative title:  exposing everything that is ridiculous about me.

this week I had two separate students tell me that I have “great taste in music.”  this is hilarious to me, because: my taste in music is questionable at best.  like, seriously questionable.  but I will take what I can get.  and I will say that they both commented on really excellent songs.  B was into this one (quite possibly my favorite song of all time), and K and I share a mutual love for my sweetie (and we both share sorrow over the fact that he is married, jerk).

anyhow.  I’ve been outside to run a little this week, and so I will share with you my top 5 running songs.  this could be embarrassing.  go ahead and judge me.  running sucks.  at least until you do it A LOT, and it takes time and tunes to get there.  I need music with a good beat to run to.  when I run I listen to a lot of music I might not otherwise listen to (but then I end up loving it and listening to it all the time, oops).  and, it helps me a lot to sing along.  if you see me on the treadmill at ballys, or running down 119th, or on the trails with the xc team, I’m not trying to talk to you, I’m just jammin to ridiculous music.  so.  in no particular order, here are 5 songs (plus some bonus) I love to run to.

1.  Freedom by Akon.  if I had to pick this one might be my very favorite.  I have a soft spot for Akon thanks to one of my favorite students (kidding…we don’t have favorites?) of all time, Thee.  He was from Laos and the most hilarious kid I ever had, in one of my favorite classes ever, during my second year of teaching.  he would listen to Akon all the time and sing his songs, and oh man was he so funny.  one time I was giving them my weekly “be smart and make good choices this weekend” speech on friday, and he was singing Akon instead of listening to me.  I looked at him and said “Thee!!!  Are you listening to me?  Are you going to make good choices this weekend?” and Flora, another favorite (j/k) student said “He’s not gonna make good choices, he’s gonna smack that.” also, I blame my taste for ridiculous music on coaching cheerleading for five years.  another great one from Akon is his duet with MJ, Hold My Hand.  love it.

2.  Somebody to Love by Justin Bieber ft. Usher.  at this point it should be obvious that I have no shame.  like none apparently.  but I am serious, I LOVE THIS SONG.  and whenever I have a dance party by myself in my apartment (which is…whenever I am home by myself), this is how I picture my dancing looking.  I’m sure I’m pretty close.  I don’t care how ridiculous it is for somebody my age to love Justin Bieber, I am so into most of his music, especially for running.  and Usher?  I don’t need to explain how great he is.  or how attractive he is.  dance party at the homestead.

3.  Take Me Home Tonight by Eddie Money.  oh man, there is so much awesome stuff from the 80s that is great for running.  I love this song.  if I didn’t use all my energy to run, I would probably be doing some sort of jazz hands when this song comes on.  other classic picks would include Jenny by Tommy Tutone, Jessie’s Girl by Rick Springfield, or If I Could Turn Back Time by Cher.  along with so many others.  I bet a lot more people were runners in the 80s due to the awesome music.  although I do remember running a little in high school in the mid-90s with a walkman tape player, which was not as conducive to running as my ipod (and the walkman didn’t have a shoe sensor to track my distance either….LAME!)

4.  Breathe In Breathe Out by Mat Kearney.  oh love.  love love love.  this is a good song for a cool down, but an especially good song for hills.  it starts out slow and then builds up to a nice pounding beat.   a lot of his music is a good choice for running (his newer stuff is better for running, although I love all his older stuff with more of the freestyle…it’s just not as good for getting excited to keep running).  this one is a good choice, or this one.  oooh, this one too.

5.  Forever Young by Jay-Z (and Alphaville, some would argue) is a great song for distance.  it keeps you going at a steady pace.  this is also the most-played song on my itunes.  yes, it is.  it seems like a song I would have gotten tired of by now.  NOPE.  I think the greatest thing about this song is the lyrics (“and they hop they pretty ass up on the hood of that pretty ass car”).   if you want  something else along the lines of the hip hop business, a newer song with a great running beat is Written in the Stars by Tinie Tempah.  love it.

other running choices I love but didn’t make the top 5:  Queen, Black Eyed Peas, Francesca Batistelli, Flo Rida, NKOTB, Bon Jovi and so many others.  throw caution to the wind here folks.

so.  do you want to learn how to run?  I’ve got your playlist right here baby.