baby quilts are my favorite.  they are so fun and easy to make.  you can make them simple, or make them complicated, and I like both. 

link party!  here are some of my favorites.  little bits for junior, robots for levi, modern for evie, storybook windows for june,. (jami was my partner for levi’s and for evie’s.  love her.)

the last one I finished was VERY simple (although I have a more complicated one I’m almost done with).  my cousin is having a baby here pretty soon, and it’s a boy.  YES!!  I love making quilts for little girls, but boys are just so different and I was so excited for a change of pace (I’ve made so many girl ones lately…)  I went to my LQS (I heart Harper’s) and found the most amazing michael miller print EVER.  It reminded me SO. MUCH. of my grandma d, (the one my cousin and I share) who died almost 13 years ago.  It was the perfect choice.  although…some lady was carrying it around, and I had to stalk her for like half an hour until she FINALLY put it down and I could grab it.  the backing is way awesome too, it is this ticking with tickets and it is SO AWESOME (although I don’t remember what it’s called and can’t find it online, sorry).  You know I love prints with numbers on them!  Well, maybe you didn’t know before, but now you do.

I almost hesitate calling this a quilt, because it was just a front and a back–no piecing, but it is quilted so there.  It’s bound in a solid brown I got at hancock–kona something, I can’t remember.  It’s not a super rich brown, more of a milk-chocolate-like color.  It washed up so beautiful, but it was hard to get a good shot of the print once it was all crinkly and perfect.  I still have some of the fabric left….I might make another one just like it.  we’ll see.

**update!  baby t is here and has a name!  welcome to the world kieran scott.