And, with that, 30 for 30 is over.

Oh my goodness, I am so glad this over, but so very glad I did it.  SO VERY GLAD.  I have learned so much.  Like, I feel like I learned more useful stuff for my life, from 30 for 30, than I did in grad school.  I want to summarize my thoughts, but I’ll do that separately so this post doesn’t get ridiculously long.  Here are my last four outfits (which I don’t think are terribly spectacular, but am happy with).

day 27:

My favorite thing about this outfit is the bracelet.  It is a totally awesome cameo cuff, dark blue with people on it. (I originally wrote “white people”, but upon re-reading, that doesn’t sound 100% appropriate.  ha!)   Charming Charlie is such a good place to get little things like that.  It’s like forever 21 for jewelry, only it doesn’t give you severe anxiety because it is actually organized.  and by color!  that is so how my brain works.  (and my closet, which causes problems when you have prints.  what to do??)

jeans:  gap always skinny

boots:  uggs (not pictured, sorry, it’s not like you haven’t seen them before)

top;  loft (I am thinking this top is my favorite thing in the challenge; so versatile)

sweater:  old navy

scarf:  target (and I think it was more even at the beginning of the day, it looks a little crazy here, but whatev.)

bracelet:  charming charlie

day 28:

I love this dress, but I can’t do too much with it other than change up the tights/jewelry/shoes.  I almost wore hot pink tights but was feeling a *little* more professional.  also, I am feeling super annoyed with my hair not staying up, as evinced in this photo.  it takes like 8 bobby pins and a ton of hairspray (UGH) to get those bottom pieces up.  my life is so hard.

dress:  target

shoes:  target

tights:  target

necklace:  banana outlet

day 29:

I love this outfit.  everything I am wearing is pretty much my favorite.  YES!

ps, I clearly need a new green marker.

jeans:  gap always skinny

boots:  madden girl

top:  loft

cardigan:  old navy

necklace:  gift from “scott” & michelle (I think she said it was from target?  maybe?  it’s cute.  it has a horseshoe on it.)

aaaaaaaaaaaand, day 30!

not a particularly exciting outfit, but give me a break, I was out of ideas at this point (and yearning for the rest of my closet).  you can see in my picture what my overall thoughts on 30 for 30 are.  YES!

jeans:  gap always skinny

boots:  madden girl (are you tired of them yet?  because…..I’M NOT)

top:  the buckle

at one point in the day I was wearing a cardigan, I can’t remember if it was the yellow one or the white one.  I think the white one, just so the outfit would be a little different from the last time I wore it.  alas, my classroom is often really, really hot (this is aggravating, because I used to have control over it, and a few years ago they disabled that, but the problems now are always the most expensive extreme–cold in the warm weather, hot in the winter–give me back my control and I will save the building $$!!!  come on!) hence the cardigan does not make an appearance in the photo.  stay tuned for my conclusions!  the most important being, YOU SHOULD DO THIS.