hi everyone!

one more week down.  only four more days!!  I can’t wait to get to the rest of my closet!  And to be able to shop!  (not too much, of course)

day 21:

nothing too exciting here, except a really crappy picture.  and a necklace that’s not even hanging straight.  and wishing I had taken my white sweater to the little apple, so my outfit wouldn’t be so much like day 7.  but whatev.

top:  banana

sweater:  h&m

jeans:  gap always skinny

boots:  madden girl

necklace:  banana outlet

day 22:

I gave this sweater another chance.  I still don’t like the way it fits (AT ALL), but I do love this necklace (although it doesn’t look so hot in the picture) and that makes it do-able.  Here is my main complaint with this outfit.  I feel like it is pushing the line in looking like a teacher.  Don’t get me wrong.  I need to look like a teacher, and not a student, as I thought SEVEN YEARS would be enough time to not get mistaken for a student (wrong)…  But.  If I get looking too teacher-y, it makes me scared I am headed for the land of denim jumpers with apples on them, that have reversible bibs for different seasons.  And I want to run screaming in the other direction.  I know I will never be that teacher, but I get scared, you know?  I do love these pants.  they’re a nice cheat for the “no jeans” rule (that’s not really enforced in our building, obv).  Last weekend I did some shopping with Lindsey (I was good and didn’t buy anything–Lindsey was a good influence on me and helped me stay strong) and I found several cardigans I like way better, and I think that will be my first purchase once my 30 days are over.  I feel like I have a much better idea of fit now, a much better idea of what looks good on me.  I’m not super happy with every single one of my outfits, and I need to learn from that.  (ps, who was writing on my board and I didn’t even notice?  something about so fly like a G6?  good grief.  I’ll pretend they were talking about me.)

cardigan:  gap outlet

jeans:  banana trouser jeans

necklace:  maurice’s

shoes:  target

day 23:

yeah…. also, deciding I’m not in love with this top.  it wears kind of weird and doesn’t fit perfect.  and I can never get the collar to look normal (warning! all pictures are staged!!)  but I love this green scarf and it works.  related:  I am having an “I don’t like my hair” week.  does this happen to you?  so annoying.  in general I do like my hair.  not right now.

jeans:  banana trouser jean

top:  talbots

scarf:  probably target?

lame no jewelry day.

day 24:

I like this outfit!  it works.  I think I wouldn’t like it nearly so much if it weren’t for the boots.  I LOVE THESE BOOTS.  in case I have not made that clear.  We had a birthday party for my Grandma this day.  Happy birthday Grandma!  She turned 80 on Monday.  Boy I love her.  She is so awesome, and funny, and it cracks me up that she keeps up with me on facebook.  Never in a million years would I have predicted that.  I am so thankful for her.  And even more thankful that we live nearby and get to see each other pretty often.  My other grandma died almost 13 years ago, and I think I miss her more and more every year.  I think she would have especially loved this white cardigan, it seems like something she would have worn.  anyhow.  I wore my glasses today because my eyes were giving me trouble, and all my 6th hour kids wanted to try them on.  They were pretty funny with their strong reactions to my strong prescription.

top:  loft

cardigan:  old navy

jeans:  gap always skinny

boots:  madden girl

day 25:

Aside from the hair that could use a little lot of work, I like this outfit, although I am remembering why I don’t wear this top very much.  I love the style and the color, but I think it’s cut on the bias and so it wears weird.  But other people don’t know that, I suppose, so at least it looks pretty normal.  And it works with this necklace, which I love, but don’t get to wear very often.  it’s too short and too complex to wear with a lot of my busy-neckline tops. I want to get down in writing somewhere what a fun week this was with my advanced kids.  we were learning something that has a step that I call “time to party,” and party we did.  we listened to some crazy music, flickered the lights, waved our calculators in the air, and danced like crazy people.  I love that they were into it, and that I convinced them that math can be fun.  I might have to apologize to their college algebra teachers for when they get up and start dancing when they multiply and divide rational expressions.  so, Sorry, college algebra teachers.

top:  banana (outlet?  I think?)

sweater:  target

jeans:  gap always skinny

boots:  uggs

necklace:  charming charlie

day 26:

Today, I am happy with my hair again.  Thank you, hair.  I actually am really into this outfit.  I even wore earrings.  Too bad all I did today was do my taxes.  But I suppose it’s appropriate that I looked good (“I gots to look GOOD for the first day of shooting!”  name that movie) because I got the biggest refund I’ve gotten in years!  Hooray!  hello summer road trip!  And, doing taxes also means hanging out with my dad, so I won’t complain.  I heart first watch. (and my dad).

top:  target

scarf:  target

cardigan:  old navy

jeans:  gap always skinny

shoes:  bc (dsw)  (disclaimer:  I wore my boots when I was outside)

earrings:  ten thousand villages (a gift from my brother and sister-in-law when I finished grad school.  yes!)

I’m off to work on my photography class.  hooray!  I can’t wait to be able to take pictures that aren’t crappy!!