Oooooookay!  I’ve been taking my pictures but haven’t had time to do anything with them til now.  Side note:  I am REALLY tired of taking pictures of myself.  I do not think I am particularly photogenic and it’s really annoying to have to look at all these pictures of myself.  That will be one nice thing when the challenge is over.  I am learning so much though…. I will try to summarize it at the end of the month.

day 13:

I love this dress.  In fact, I love it so much, I own in three colors/patterns.  This one, a hot pink one, and one with a yellow top and blue/green/yellow floral print on the bottom.  I also have a very similar one from the BP in a bright teal.  And, I love tights.  you will see more evidence (as if you needed it) in the rest of the week’s pictures.

dress:  gap outlet

belt:  gap

scarf:  gap

sweater:  old navy

tights:  target (they’re a charcoal gray, I don’t know if you can really tell in the picture)

shoes:  target (they’re actually much brighter, you can tell better on day 14)

bracelets (not showing, oops):  gap (outlet?  maybe?)

day 14:

I think that this is my favorite outfit of the challenge, hands down (so far).  Another one I never would have come up with if not forced.  Something funny about this day….  So these purple tights…I have another pair I haven’t opened yet in my dresser, which I apparently should have taken advantage of…  Before my 5th hour, one of my students came in and said “Miss Dicus!  You have a giant hole in your tights!”  I said “I do not! WHAT are you talking about.”  He pointed to the back of my calf, and I looked down, and he was right.  There was a hole the size of a walnut, with a giant run running the entire length of my calf.  OOPS.  tacky.  How did I not realize this when I put them on?  Maybe it happened during the day, because I feel like my students would have noticed and said something before 5th hour.  Where I am going with this, is that my 5th hour students thought it was funny to call me “Miss Ke$ha” all hour.  Don’t tell them, but I thought it was pretty funny too.

skirt: loft

top:  loft

scarf:  ummm….target?  maybe?  it’s pretty old.  in fact, I think this is the first scarf I bought (for fashion, not cold) that started my ridiculous collection of scarves

tights:  target (I picked these to support my cats….SUCCESS!!)

bracelet:  bp @ nordys.  (from ann’s wedding)

shoes:  target


day 15:

okay, I called an audible today.  after monday night, I felt it extremely important to show my school spirit. like….EXTREMELY.  So, since I hadn’t worn my ON t-shirt yet, I decided to replace it with my favorite k-state shirt.  a good choice, especially for spending the following weekend in the little apple.  not the best “outfit”, but whatev.  fellow alumni will understand my school pride.

jeans:  loft curvy boot

shirt:  varney’s (my favorite)

shoes:  bc (dsw)

day 16:

nothing terribly exciting going on here.  except maybe this crazy scarf that I don’t wear that much.  I did decide on this day that I need to invest in some boot socks.  I like the ones kendi wears….  I am wearing my boots UNDER my pants today, and by 6th hour I had to take them off because it was so hot in my classroom, and my socks just weren’t cutting it in keeping me non-sweaty.  apparently I do this a lot (what?  I really didn’t realize this) because one of my students said “Miss Dicus, do you just not like wearing shoes?  You always take your shoes off.”  also, I wanted to wear my brown pants with this, but I have realized I didn’t really pick any shoes in my 30 items that match my brown pants.  oops.  [actually….I don’t know that I even HAVE that many shoes that match my brown pants.  this is a problem]

top:  target

jeans:  loft curvy boot

scarf:  old navy?  I think?  another older one.

boots:  madden girl

day 17:

this dress is pretty cute, but it doesn’t photograph well.  it fits me…..pretty well…. but it doesn’t do a whole lot for my curves (especially in the back).  it’s super comfy and pretty easy.  you can’t see my tights in the picture either–they’re a dark gray/black houndstooth print.  YES!

dress:  loft

tights:  target

shoes:  connie (off broadway)

necklace:  charming charlie (the one I wore in ann’s wedding)

day 18:

I wore these jeans 3 times this week, and apparently I need to wash them in hot water and dry them on high, because by today they were WAY stretched out and super baggy, not fitting awesome.  and, this necklace is looking a bit more normal than in was on day 4.   Also, I left for the Little Apple this day, and I will admit that I changed into jeans and a t-shirt before I left.  it seemed unnecessary to be dressed nice for the late-night drive to Manhattan.

jeans:  loft curvy boot

top:  gap

necklace:  banana

shoes:  target

day 19:

besides running errands, the main thing Lindsey and I did was go to the KSU rodeo.  which is seriously one ofmy favorite things ever.  even though I am terrified of horses.  we actually went in the back way to get to weber, and we had to walk through an area where there were a bunch of horses just wandering around.  Let me tell you, that it was seriously terrifying.  I was walking quickly staring at the ground, and probably cut off circulation in lindsey’s hand with my death grip.  I do love the rodeo, but I still don’t understand how people can be near horses like that.  They are clearly dangerous and could kill you in two seconds.  especially those crazy bucking broncos!  I would not even touch one for two million dollars (let alone GET ON ONE.  what is the matter with you people!!)  At the beginning of 30 for 30, I didn’t know I’d be going to the rodeo, so I didn’t pick any rodeo-appropriate attire (which I don’t have much of anyhow), so jeans, boots & my willie shirt were a good fit.  Speaking of, Willie was at the rodeo!  which was awesome.

here is a crappy picture of me in my skinny jeans, boots, t-shirt, and h&m sweater.


day 20:

I know I wore this dress last sunday…who cares!  I’m in manhattan and I’m sure there was no one at manhattan naz this morning that was at CCA last week.  and I dressed it pretty different.  it’s like 70 degrees today, compared to like 20 last sunday.  also, this scarf makes me laugh.  last year I was wanting to buy a pair of jeans (the gap always skinny that I wear all the time), but they didn’t have my size in the dark wash in the store, and a super helpful guy helped me get them shipped from another location.  He had to call like 4 stores and it took forever, and I remember how annoying that was way back when I used to work there.  the store was really busy and he spent like half an hour helping me, and I felt really bad that when he was finished that I was just going to leave without actually buying anything from his store, so I bought this scarf.  really kim?  that whole situation is pretty ridiculous, and I think of it whenever I wear this scarf.  honestly though, those jeans were a great purchase.  this is another outfit I’m really into.

dress:  gap outlet

scarf:  gap

belt:  bp @ nordys

shoes:  target

only ten more days to go!  I’m learning a lot, but SO EXCITED to get to use the rest of my closet!  Something that’s happening on a fairly regular basis at this point is “Oh!  I wish I could wear ______ because it would go so well with this outfit!  but it’s not part of my 30!” …and this is happening with things that I don’t wear much.  so it’s giving me new eyes for old stuff, which is GREAT for me (and my budget, and my creativity).