so, this weekend, you get headless photos, because I am unhappy with my smile.  deal with it.  this has been a great weekend, because Lindsey came to visit.  so great.  I love those friends that you have been friends with, good friends with, for so very long, and know each other so well.  it was fun to talk about clothes with lindsey, to eat good food, talk about quilts, and to watch us some Jane Austen.  we watched this one and it was so, very, good.  even though I would rank emma as number 4 in my lineup (I would put only s&s below it, and I haven’t read northranger abbey yet), it is such a complex story and so different from her other books.  at lunch last week I was talking about how I have a hard time with anything (books, movie, tv) when it doesn’t have characters I can get behind.  I don’t love the characters in emma, (emma herself is so, very, stupid sometimes and she makes me mad), but I enjoy the storytelling of it very much.  I don’t think anything will ever come close to this one.  Ever.  it will always be my very favorite.  I love anne elliot, and captain wentworth will always be my man.  oh, anne elliot.  now there is a character I can get behind.  I feel so much for her, and even though her and I are so very different in temperament and character, she is just written so well that you feel her emotions, and you identify with her so much.  I know they are just characters, I know I can never marry captain wentworth, but characters, for me, are the best part of the story.  that being said, this is the same reason I have no good feelings towards glee (I feel so judged for not liking glee) and the social network (I hated nearly every character in this movie, and everyone could have died and I wouldn’t have cared.  how is this movie up for awards?  I do not understand.)

day 11:

this day makes me very happy for 30 for 30, because I do not think I would have ever picked an outfit like this if I didn’t have to.  thanks to lindsey for suggesting I pick a color other than white for an undershirt (it is purple, not blue like it looks in the photo).

jeans:  gap always skinny

top:  talbots

sweater:  target

boots:  madden girl

necklace:  banana outlet (this is probably my favorite necklace I own).

day 12:

I love this outfit.  mostly because I LOVE this top.  and I probably wouldn’t have thought to wear it in the winter if it weren’t for 30 for 30.  and I love that it got warmer and melted some of the snow, so I could wear something other than boots (as much as I love boots), which meant I could wear pants besides my skinny jeans (as much as I love skinny jeans [which actually isn’t that much if I’m not wearing boots]).  AND, I am really being forced to not dress like a bum on the weekends, since I don’t have much in the way of hobo clothes in my 30 items.

jeans:  loft curvy boot cut (I love these jeans; I don’t need a belt with them, and it’s great that they aren’t too tight in the waist AND don’t gape in the back)

top:  loft

cardigan:  h&m

shoes:  bc (dsw)

and I didn’t wear any jewelry (or a scarf).  I’m realizing I mostly just wear necklaces, but that doesn’t always work, because I have a lot of tops that have a lot going on at the neckline.  whatev.  I’ve never been much on earrings, and bracelets almost seem silly when I have long sleeves on.