Wednesday and Thursday of this week brought conferences.  I actually enjoy conferences, because I love talking about my job, but boy are they exhausting.  which is partially my own fault, I do not have the spiritual gift of “short and sweet.”  and with teaching an advanced class, I see a LOT of parents.  I think that between the 4 hours yesterday (after a full day of teaching… and the 9 hours today, I can probably count on my fingers the number of minutes I didn’t have people at my table.  it was a lot after two weeks of doing little else other than sitting on the couch.  and while I know I can’t complain (considering I’ve only gone to work like 4 times in the past few weeks) I am so thankful to have friday off.

day 9:

so, I wore this dress all day for teaching before conferences.  mistake!  it was hard to write on the board.  my arms were very restricted.  but I did get to wear tights, and I love tights.  in other news, it was freaking cold.  I thought my feet were going to fall off walking to and from my car.  below zero temps are non-entertaining to me.  I will be happy to see some double digits (even double digits that start with a 5, I hear) this weekend.

dress:  macy’s (belt is attached)

tights:  target  (tights!  I love tights.)

shoes:  target (recent)

new hair:  julie (she is the very, very best)

look!  my dress matches the carpet!  always important.  and, don’t you have a number line taped on your floor?  no?  how else would you walk it out when you’re trying to find slope?

day 10:

I love this dress.  It is so easy. and so comfortable.  and it is easy to wear ridiculous tights with it.  have I mentioned I love tights?  I love tights.  they make me very happy.  I especially love wearing ridiculous tights with these shoes.   Although I was smarter today, and wore my snow boots into school and carried my nice shoes.  I should get a gold star for that.

dress:  target

tights:  target (tights!  tights!  tights!)

shoes:  off broadway (or maybe even dsw?  I can’t remember.  they’re like 3 years old.)

necklace:  target (target is popular today)