this was a hard week, because I actually went to work for THREE DAYS IN A ROW.  I know, it’s ridiculous.  I’m actually being serious though.  it was rough those first few days!  but I would say that at this point I’m back at about 90%; I will count that as a success.  I was very, very, very glad to go back to work.  I really missed my kids.  and I know they missed me!  which is nice.  I did get a funny email from one of my students a few days ago:

“Omg Miss. D what iz wrong with you.haha are you still sick?  I miss u a lot and i hope u get better soon:)”

hilarious.  and, on Wednesday, my first hour kids were cracking me up.  the weather was really bad, and the roads were terrible, so they were giving kids a little wiggle room in getting to first hour on time.  the secretary came on and made an announcement about letting kids into our classes a few minutes late, and ten seconds after she was finished, she came back on and made the exact. same. announcement.  as I was standing there rolling my eyes (bad teacher), one of my kids said “This is wasting our time.  THIS is why we are falling behind the kids in Japan.”  oh my goodness.  I just love my job.

day 7:

I didn’t do a whole lot on monday except go to the doctor again.  Lame!  They gave me more drugs and told me I should have been better like a week ago.  Really?  Really?? You think?  I do like this outfit but only took one lame picture of it.

top:  banana

sweater:  h&m

necklace:  aldo (I love this necklace.  it goes with so many things and I get so many compliments on it).

I did wear jeans, and boots, guess which ones.  surprise!

day 8:

Tuesday was my first day back at school for real!  so you get this ridiculous pose showing how excited I was to be back.  and, this is also how excited my students were that I was back.

top:  banana outlet

sweater:  old navy

jeans:  gap always skinny

boots:  uggs

scarf:  gap outlet

**also, notice the objective for my advanced class.  I love making my students be detectives.  yes!  HOTS baby.