two days; here we go.

it was a great weekend.  I am completely wiped out from it (going back to the dr. tomorrow) but boy it was good.  the highlights include ticket to ride with robbie & mel, picking up my cute mom & super cute grandma from the airport (and getting to hear all about florida, jealous), PW calzones with scott, michelle, chad & carrie, ali giving one of the best sermons I’ve ever heard this morning (we will miss you Ali!!), and, AND TRISH CAME TO LUNCH.  do you know how much I love Trish?  it’s a lot.  I even got to see my sweet sunday school kids, who are hilarious, and see my BFF june and her cheeks that are out of control.

I’m sure you cared all about that.  but really, it was good.  and tonight during the super bowl, I picked up my knitting needles for the first time in quite a while.  makin mittens. 

YES.  my life is exciting.

day 5:

I actually wear this outfit all the time, it’s nothing new.  and I’m realizing that the reason I’m having a hard time always wearing jewelry is because I have a lot of tops that are embellished or have a lot going on at the neckline and a necklace would be too much (although Carrie tells me “not at talbots!”)  but I do wear this outfit often.  this is one of my favorite tops, and I’m afraid it is really wearing out and might not last forever.  it’s really starting to pill up, but I will wear it until it falls apart, I love it that much.  and obv. my favorite cardigan.  and favorite boots.  sorry the picture is out of focus.  oops.

jeans:  gap always skinny

top:  the buckle

cardigan:  target

boots:  madden girl

day 6:


I love this top from gap. (I think this is the first thing that is current enough I can actually link to it.)   it has a giant keyhole tie in the back but thankfully it’s tasteful and still appropriate for school (I tie it tighter than the model on the website).  It fits me really well and it will be great for spring and the warmer months.  And, I like that it is rayon, and not silk.  Have I told you this before?  I DISLIKE SILK.  who can wear it?  is it flattering on anyone?  lame.  and I feel like most cute tops like this are made from silk and I don’t want to wear them, so I’m glad this one is rayon because it sure is cute.   I did wear my gray cardigan with this for much of the day, but it’s way cuter on its own.  I might have been happier if I had been able to choose a black cardigan….think how exciting things will be when I have my whole closet to choose from!  darn you ill-fitting blue cardigan!

jeans:  gap always skinny (sorry, I blame the snow)

top:  gap

boots:  madden girl

necklace:  banana (outlet I think?)