So today, I had to go up to school if only to put my grades in (professional day–the kids have off–lucky ducks.  this is getting ridiculous…they only went to school one day this week!  and I had to export my grades with only 19 days of class behind us.  and next week, we only have 3 days with kids, and I only actually see my kids twice.  it’s a problem.)  I still don’t have a lot of energy (I was awake for oh…an hour and a half this morning before I needed to take a nap) but I’m definitely closer to healthy.

The one thing I wish about this picture (other than the typical lighting issues) is that it showed this necklace better–normally it looks a little less crazy and a little more classy.  And, let it be known, that while I love my skinny jeans, they are really only good for boots.  I don’t think I could pull them off with normal shoes.  I just don’t think I’m built to carry that….  ALSO.  I would also like to let it be known that I also have this cardigan in a orange/coral-ish color, and I think that if it had been part of my 30 items, I would have chosen it instead to make this outfit a little more colorful.  AND!  maybe once I can wear my contacts again I will be able to look at the camera and not look so emo.  today is apparently the day of disclaimers.


top: target

jeans:  gap always skinny

cardigan:  old navy

boots:  uggs  (get used to them, they’re calling for more snow on sunday, plus, I don’t think those crazy snow drifts are going to melt anytime soon.)

necklace:  banana


stay tuned!  I have baby quilt pictures to put up sometime this weekend.