Today was a very monumental day, because, I actually left our apartment.  That’s right, I put on shoes, and I went outside, and I drove my car, and the cold air felt so nice.  I’m serious, my cabin fever is pretty severe and it was so nice to be out in the fresh air for a bit, even if it is -3 outside.  I think that today is my favorite day so far.  Outfit-wise.  Probably because I’m wearing my favorite sweater.  man I love this sweater!  and, today, you get a shot of all of me, because Carrie was home to take my picture.  she also taught me a trick to make my posture look better in pictures–thanks Carrie!  I wish I had know that before Ann’s wedding! (some of the pictures…yikes!  stand up straight kim!  I did a little better here.)  And while I’m at it, you know, linking to pictures from Ann’s wedding, if you have not seen our shoes, your life is not complete.  Greatest shoes ever.  Even if they were hella uncomfortable, we looked so cool.  Pictures here and here.

top: loft (I don’t wear this top very often.  that needs to change, because hello, it is way cute.)

sweater: target (faaaaaaaaavorite!)

jeans: loft curvy boot cut

shoes: bc from dsw (these shoes are SO. CUTE. and they look so nice with a nice long pair of jeans.)