snow land continues.  look at the snow behind me!  it is ridiculous.  I am so thankful that I have a carport, because I think we lost like half the spaces in our lot from the snowdrifts.  and we just got word that school is out again tomorrow.  I guess I picked a good time to get sick!  (sick continues too.  lame.  but, I am holding onto hope that I am getting better.  my cough is still pretty bad, but it is less often, fingers crossed.)

shirt:  loft

sweater:  gap outlet

scarf:  gap

jeans:  gap always skinny

boots:  uggs

I was wearing a bunch of bracelets too (from gap outlet, I think), but you can’t see them in any of the pictures.

Not that great of a picture, but you can see all the ridiculous snow.  I was not super excited about this outfit, until I took the sweater off.  yes, I think that I am not a huge fan of this sweater.  if we’re honest, I would much rather wear the outfit this way:

I would always rather dress for summer.   even when it is winter, you’ll find me in tank tops.  I have very few clothes that are appropriate for winter only.  I have tried to make it a goal to buy more cardigans, so I can wear more of my wardrobe year-round.  that was my goal in buying this cardigan last summer, and I have a few others in the same style in different colors.  too bad that I now realize I am not a huge fan of how this is cut.  it is not super flattering on me–I think I need to stick to ones that are longer and leaner, instead of shorter like this one.  these are good things for me to realize and deal with.  things to help me in buying quality, versatile foundation pieces, and to spend money on fewer, better, pieces, instead of lots of so-so stuff.  along with not buying shirts that are fitted around the middle, because they are not flattering on me, and I either don’t wear them, or I am super annoyed all day if I do.

in other news, if you want something entertaining to read, first of all, you should be reading catalog living, because I think it is pretty much the funniest thing ever.  second, there is a funny post up at the colette patterns blog, about a pair of jcrew shorts that are $400.  read the comments, too, they’re pretty spot-on.  I almost like the idea of these shorts, but I really don’t understand them.  they don’t even look good on that twiggy model.  and while I am usually completely ignorant (or apathetic) about a VPL, how in the world could you ever wear these?  how is that an appropriate material for shorts to be made out?  for real?  how would these look good on anyone?  and, even though I would never ever even consider buying (or wearing) these, I find it a little off-putting that they don’t even offer them in my size.  uncalled for!