Okay.  so, the first few days of 30 for 30 might be a little dicey.

1.  I’m still sick.  for real?  this is getting ridiculous.  and old.  and tiresome.  and because I’m still on these ridiculous eye drops (because my eyes are sick too, really?)  I can’t wear my contacts for another week.  and can I tell you about my glasses?  and how they don’t photograph well?  because they are as thick as magnifying glasses?  although they are cute, it’s hard to get any good pictures because the lenses distort everything and make me look like a crazy person.  awesome.

2.  snowpocalypse.  I don’t know how many inches we’ve actually gotten so far.  somewhere in the double digits.  it’s pretty crazy.  the whole city is shut down.

regardless, I have a severe case of cabin fever.  so, it was entertaining at least to have to get dressed in an actual outfit.  I even put on shoes!  (but, let’s be honest, I spent most of the day in sweatpants.  and yes they are nappytabs pants.  because I am that person who bought nappytabs sweatpants.  I have no shame*.)  pictures are less than ideal.  because let’s face it, our porch is very, very small.  I tried outside but it didn’t work too well.  so, until I can get outside better (or even my classroom would do), I think my pictures are going to have to be in pieces.

So…. day 1:

dress: macy’s

cardigan:  h&m

scarf:  target (this is not my favorite scarf.  it is hard to style because it’s pretty stiff)

shoes:  target

As I was trying to decide what to wear, I realized that this was an ideal time to get an extra day out of my conferences dress.  I can’t do a whole lot in it (besides look cute), and I originally thought I was going to be screwed and only be able to wear it once.  HA!  I can wear a non-functional outfit if I’m just getting dressed to take a picture!  so I’ll get at least two days out of this dress!  I will say that from a style standpoint, this dress is not very versatile.  I bought it for one reason and one reason only, to look professional at conferences.  and it meets that goal.  but honestly, that is the only time I wear it, so it’s not something I normally would have picked for a challenge like this.  maybe I should have just skipped it and worn something else cute, but I only get to wear this dress twice a year!  I’ll take it when I can.

*speaking of having no shame, I want SO BADLY to go to the NKOTBSB concert this summer.  I am not even close to kidding.