I have new quilt pictures to put up, but…..30 for 30 starts TUESDAY.  holy cats!

I am finally back in the land of the living (sort of…I’m not all the way there yet), but took the time today to pick my 30 things.  And honestly, while I was picking, 30 seemed like a LOT!  I thought I was going to just blow through them and want to add more, but I felt like I had a lot of wiggle room and plenty of spaces to fit everything in.  It wasn’t until I was finished and organizing the pictures that I wanted to make a few changes.  I swapped one shirt out, because the one I originally picked wasn’t super versatile, and went with something a little more simple that I can do more with.  Also, I was really freaking out that I only had 8 tops.  In my head I was like (so….I have to wear each one like 3 times?  daaaaaang!)  So I got rid of one pair of shoes to add one more top.  Also, I am kind of getting screwed because PTCs are right in the middle of these 30 days.  And I dress much nicer for conferences than I do for a regular school day.  Mostly because it’s hard for me to really teach wearing some of my more “professional” stuff.  The purple belted dress is strictly a conferences outfit.  It’s very cute and professional, but I can’t really lift my arms super high in it, so it’s not very conducive to writing on the board.  I was also locked into the black strappy shoes for the same reason.  They’re much more professional, but I wouldn’t normally wear them in the winter for everyday teaching.  And as awesome as my pink boots are, they aren’t what I should be wearing @ conferences.  soooo….

here we go!

6 pairs shoes:  we’re supposed to get a crap ton of snow this week, so I had to include my snow boots.  I know, they are ridiculous, judge me.  my red zipper boots from madden girl are probably my favorite shoes right now.

9 tops:  I tried to branch out here at make at least some of my picks tops I don’t always wear (but are cute nonetheless).  this is where I really want to learn how to style what I already have instead of buying something new.

4 sweaters:  I would wear the yellow sweater every day if I could.  if target ever sells them again I am seriously buying two more just like it to have on standby.  it’s starting to get a little worn and dingy, I’m afraid it might not make it to next winter.  the h&m sweater is a little shabby too, but I like it that way.  the cut of the gap one is not necessarily my favorite, and I need to wear it a few more times to decide to either get over it or decide once and for all if I want to keep it. 

4 pairs pants:  I know jeans aren’t the most professional thing, but I am TOTALLY okay with trouser jeans, and if it’s snowy I don’t have much of a choice–it’s either skinny jeans I can tuck into my boots, or a skirt and tights.  I want to go plowing through the snow and not have to walk around, I’m efficient like that.  And I love these brown pants, they are cut so nice and the color is a darker brown than in the photo.

2 skirts:  boy these photographed terrible.  they are actually cute.  the left one is kind of silver, and the right one is dark black (and not as wrinkled as it looks!  ahem.)

4 dresses:  the gray ones I mostly had to pick for conferences, but the cowl neck one I really wear all the time.  I’m a little nervous about the light blue one…

and, because I work at a high school, and we have spirit days, and I work at basketball games, I had to include one school t-shirt. 

Obviously I’m not counting accessories, and not things like camis to go under stuff.  And not gym clothes (if I can get un-sick enough to run).  The only cheat I might take is if I am working at basketball games, and it gets cold, I may go and grab a sweatshirt from my classroom to throw over my tshirt.  But it’s usually pretty hot in the gym, so I don’t think I’ll really need that.

and, be warned, my daily pictures might be a little crappy.  we have some decent light in our apartment, but not with a decent backdrop, and really only during the day (when I’m at school).  I may even take some of them at school.  so be prepared for less than ideal lighting!  at least until I can get outside.

now I just have to decide, what do I want to wear tomorrow, when I can still choose from my whole closet?  wish me luck.